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On September 23, 2019, our project for EasyVisual was selected by Behance Curation Team as one of the best work for Motion Gallery

On September 23, 2019, our project for EasyVisual was nominated by Behance Curation Team as one of the best work which uses opportunities of After Effects

On September 3, 2019, our project for Banners App was selected by Behance Curation Team as one of the best work for Motion Gallery

On October 10, 2019, our project for Banners App was nominated by Behance Curation Team as one of the best work which uses opportunities of After Effects

Recent work

Xangle: Animated Explainer Video

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Brian Newar

Global Strategist at Xangle

They have the unique ability to capture what the client wants and turn it into great visuals with impressive details. We are confident that the video would work as we expected. The video does a wonderful job of making our service sound simple. Our sales team is really excited to be using this at future lead generation events as well. Thanks for the great work, and if anyone reading this review is interested in an excellent explainer video, give them a call. I'm sure they'll impress you.

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Topaz: Product Demo Showreel

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Taras Bakusevych

Principal Designer at Topaz

They commit to their task and pay close attention to detail. After regular check-ins, well-received feedback, and attentive storytelling about Topaz's branding, Galera launched the project within two months. We found their collaboration smooth and efficient. Internal stakeholders were also greatly impressed by the output.

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Wunder Rent: Animated Explainer Video

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Jared Beekhuyzen

Creative Lead at Wunder Mobility

Galera team is open to feedback and is very easy to work with. The video doubled Rent’s site conversion rate. Galera is artistic and emphasized design and motion. Compared to their competitors, their work stands out for its impressive quality. The team is dedicated to building a long-term partnership.

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EasyVisual: Animated Explainer Video

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Myroslava Droniuk

Marketing Specialist at EasyVisual

Galera completed the task for EasyVisual perfectly. We requested an explainer video for our product and got exactly what we wanted quickly and good-looking! Looking forward to working together again.

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Verity: Animated Explainer Video

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Deanna Zammit

Founder at Industrious Content

Excellent communication. Outstanding work. Dedicated to getting it right and pleasing the client. The final product was shown at an international consumer electronics exhibition and remains featured on the end client's website. The Galera team worked efficiently through the engagement with responsive communication and clear expectations.

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The Ultimate Animated Marketing Video Production

We are an animation agency that takes your product awareness to the next level. While the consumer is hungry for grasping, interactive content, we take design and motion to turn it into eye-catchy videos. In the fight for market presence and brand awareness, we overtake with unique, engaging content that is simple for perception.

We believe in the power of visuals and provide animated promotional video production to those who want to master marketing and go beyond the domain average. We are determined and always there to add that finishing touch to your campaign to win together. 

Showing how your product or service works can be a challenge if you’re new to video marketing. But this is the moment to adjust to the change and take a modern approach to captivating promotion and advertising.

The process of animated corporate video production is much more profound than just coming up with a video. It has to be the perfect tool that will do the job with no “almost” or “kind of.” And this is what we do.


Hand-crafted Animated Video Production

Traditional media types are an effective solution when you need the job done fast. But when you play a long-term game, you have to prioritize quality and engagement in everything you deliver. That’s when it comes to hiring an animated video production company to win in the long run.

Galera Team

A permanent partnership for animated video production guarantees the development of a deep understanding of your product or service, hence leading to desirable powerful outcomes through strong marketing support.

A prosperous animation agency differs by the innovative, confident and fearless approach to engaging viewers. And we are the ones.

We dive deeper to get to the core of what’s behind your business and reflect it all in a concise and dynamic manner.

We care about your end audience and provide animated corporate video production that speaks for itself without being overwhelmed with boring information or trying to sell without educating. The result is our joint growth through meaningful effort.

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