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WunderRent + Galera: Doubling conversion with one video

The Summary


The mobility market is so competitive. That’s why our client developed a campaign for his early launched product Wunder Rent – software for everyone, who wants to digitize his rental company. Our mission was to create an explainer video that will simplify the customer journey, so 99% of people landing on the website will understand what Rent provides, what the product does and how it works.


We designed the Wunder Rent animated explainer video 1-minute from creative concept to sound design.


After running split testing the result showed, that placing the explainer video we produced, on the website, the conversion rate was almost doubled compared to the previous one.


Concept Development
Character animation
2D Animation
3D Animation
Sound Design

The story

Wunder Mobility is a German-based company that provides a range of mobility services, from carpooling to electric scooter rentals, and all about smart mobility solutions.


In September 2019, they launched a new product, called Wunder Rent. Basically, this is software for everyone, who wants to digitize his rental company.

Because there is a lot of competition for this product, they’ve created a campaign that will simplify the customer journey. So people will land on their website and 99% will understand what Rent is providing, what product does, the product is and as a part of this campaign, was allocated an explainer video.

At this time, they started to look for an explainer video company to support in a way of creating an animated explainer video. That was the first time we meet with Jared, Creative Video Lead at Wunder Mobility.

We started pre-production by developing the storyboard, collecting moodboard, and creating styleframes.



The challenging part was cars. We tried to visualize different forms and designs.


On the production stage, we proceed with creating graphics and illustrations, working with animation and sound design.


As a result, Rent campaign was successfully launched. Our explainer video was placed on the website. Analytics shows almost doubling the conversion rate. And right now we’re planning to make a case to do more for other Wunder Mobility products.

Galera team is open to feedback and is very easy to work with. The video doubled Rent’s site conversion rate. Galera is artistic and emphasized design and motion. Compared to their competitors, their work stands out for its impressive quality. The team is dedicated to building a long-term partnership.

Jared Beekhuyzen
Jared Beekhuyzen
Creative Lead at Wunder Mobility

This is just a one-story from a big picture of how we impact the growth of tech companies and startups all around the globe. This is just one success story of one company. And right now, we can start writing the new one…Are you with us?

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