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Case study

Introducing of leading AI-based brand safety tool Verity

The Summary


We were challenged by the client to introduce his new product Verity in a clear way. Also, communicate computer vision as a product differentiator as well as GumGum’s authority in the space.


We created an animated explainer video 1:35 length starting from creative concept, communicating existing brand safety dangerous, challenges, and on the other hand explaining how Verity solves it.


The client has successfully launched Verity. Our video was shown at CES 2020 and placed on the first screen of the product page for serving as the main communication tool converting viewers into leads.


Concept Development
2D Animation
Sound Design

The story

Our client California based company GumGum, who focusing on computer vision and natural language processing launched their new product, Verity, this year. It’s a tool for publishers and brands, which scans online images and text to find what’s relevant or what’s dangerous before an ad is delivered.
So the client needed to introduce the product under the launch campaign in a clear and engaging way.

But when it comes to AI products, especially computer vision there is a challenge on how to communicate it with the prospects in gripping form and on another hand show how it actually works?

Here he comes to animated explainer video as a tool, which suits best to introduce Verity taking into account all needs described above.

After that, the client started looking for an agency who can help him with it and deliver a ready solution.

That was our first experience with GumGum. Also, we collaborated with an awesome Deanna Zammit and Katie Lukes from Industrious during the whole project.

And we started from discovery call where we find a current situation, looked at past GumGum visual projects and discussed our next steps.

The first step was a script, and at that time it was ready thanks to Deanna, therefore we agreed to start from pre-production, which will include 3 things:
1) Storyboard;
2) Mood-board;
3) Style-frame;

And all of that needs to be ready and approved before we’ll run into the production phase.

Because GumGum is a computer vision company, they want their communication to look very good, colorful and entertaining. As an established brand, they have a styleguide, so our vision for visualы needs to be suitable into a global brand system.

We started from the storyboard and split the whole story into two parts. The first one is a night city – representation of all dark parts of the web, and the second one is content inside the buildings, which are millions of websites and resources which contain texts, videos, and images. The hero of the story – Verity, an AI tool which scans and analyzes all of these much as we do.

Galera Team
Galera Team

On the visual part, namely crafting moodboard, we stopped on the GumGum branding color palette, just added some tones, the thin line style, and the cleanness to achieve a trending and dynamic look. Applied it on several frames from storyboard we produced initial styleframes.

At that moment we received feedback from the client. He was confused about styleframe with window parts and thinking about adding real images, instead of flat graphics. We proposed 2 versions in order to have a look at both. Finally, together we decided to move forward with flat graphics, because of real images going out from the selected style.

Verity Verity


Thus, we ran into the production phase, crafted remain illustrations and starting working on animation. The animation style was dynamic, interactive. We worked on characters in buildings, recreating different violent scenes, showing how it is on the real dark corners of the web.

We visualized how Verity works with images and texts on the content scenes and gives decisions, is it safe or not. First of all, these decisions based on not separate words, like “murder me” or “dead”, but taking into full context.



The final point of the production phase was sound design. And we did a big job on sounds and effects, mixing final output with the voice-over to highlight the tone and mood of each part of the video. That’s why we always take care of sound. We believe that is half of video success.

Done! We bring all together and released the final video. That was a really exciting project and we are proud of results. Now video serves the main communication tool on the Verity product page and what’s more important, helps transform just viewers into leads.

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This is just a one-story from a big picture of how we impact the growth of tech companies and startups all around the globe. This is just one success story of one company. And right now, we can start writing the new one…Are you with us?

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