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Case study

Explainer Video for Crypto Platform

The Summary


Xangle reached out to Galera’s creative team to create a unique explainer video to showcase their services and make the information more accessible and easier to understand.


We turned Xangle’s script and ideas into a 1-minute explainer video that effectively communicated company goals and services.


The client released the video on their social channels and their sales team is pleased about the lead generation results the explainer video brings to Xangle.

The Client

The Xangle platform, based in South Korea, is dedicated to transparency and reliability for the crypto market and industry and helps projects expand their reach within the market by providing key information to keep industry leaders up-to-date with their short-lists and portfolios. 

Xangle is committed to offering institutional disclosures ranging from simple updates to comprehensive fully audited reviews so that traders can have the information they need to make actionable decisions and to differentiate from the abundance of spam that floods the industry. Xangle adds trust and transparency to the crypto asset trading field.

The Challenge

As there is a lack of trust in crypto asset providers and exchanges, Xangle needed a way to make the information about their platform easily accessible and eye-catching with explainer videos. The end product would need to be able to resonate with their target audience of professionals in crypto asset companies.

Additional challenges for Xangle is that while their introductory information is thorough and sufficient, it can be complex for some audiences and not very attention grabbing at first glance. 

They needed a way to take their valuable information and make the complex information easier to understand.

The Solution

Initially, Xangle wanted 3 or 4 videos under 160 seconds that introduced their company and showcased two or three of their top services. The discovery phase helped us gather information on the goal for the explainer video, the target audience, and the marketing channels for distribution. We started by briefing the client about the process and understanding their expectations. We asked detailed questions regarding the company and its product. 

Xangle provided a brief overview of their ideas and a short script of 278 words which was a great base for the desired minute and a half explainer video. With that as a starting point, we found voiceover talent to match the video expectations and script.

From this information, we dove into the creative concept phase by crafting a storyboard that served as a visual aid to communicate the vision for the project.

After the client was shown the visual boards and drafts, we gained valuable feedback and more ideas for the next interaction. We worked closely with them to ensure effective communication to ensure that we were on the right track for the product they wanted.

After talking with the client’s stakeholders and gaining feedback and insight, we made the moodboard by collecting references that might work well for the future Xangle explainer video.

After the client’s approval, we created an animatic to match the voiceover and music with the frames from the storyboard. This helped us set the mood and tone for the end result. Styleframes were then created to apply the style from the moodboard.

styleframe 0

Once this process was done, we proceeded with the animation and sound design getting the final product finalized and sent to the client for their final approval.

gif 3
gif 1

The Impact

Xangle said about working with us:

They have the unique ability to capture what the client wants and turn it into great visuals with impressive details. – Kai Kim

With five-star reviews across the board, Xangle was most impressed with the efficiency, responsiveness, and attention to detail that Galera exemplified. 

Agency worked extensively to exceed Xangle’s expectations. This was done by ensuring thorough and detailed communication from beginning to end to ensure that Xangle’s vision was accomplished and would result in the best impact.  Galera’s talents paid attention to even the vaguest descriptions and minor requests while keeping the main goal in the forefront. 

While the client has a preconceived idea of what they wanted (three or four short videos), we were able to finely tune and deliver the product that made the most sense for Xangle’s mission: to clearly communicate their products with eye-catching animation.

If you like this explainer video and looking for something similar to your business, feel free to say hello at or contact us by a form so we can help you make your next big project a visual reality.

They have the unique ability to capture what the client wants and turn it into great visuals with impressive details. We are confident that the video would work as we expected. The video does a wonderful job of making our service sound simple. Our sales team is really excited to be using this at future lead generation events as well. Thanks for the great work, and if anyone reading this review is interested in an excellent explainer video, give them a call. I'm sure they'll impress you.

Brian Newar
Brian Newar
Global Strategist at Xangle