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5 Best Startup Explainer Videos Of 2022

November 17, 2021

With the rapid growth of startups in the last few years, it is no surprise that startup explainer videos are becoming more and more popular for viewers.

Explainer videos, especially startup videos, can help organizations explain the importance of their product and how they can solve the client’s problems in an accessible and playful mode.

Moreover, startup video makes technical terms easy to understand for the watching audience because it looks like a fun and pleasant cartoon.

Most important, explainer videos convert a viewer into a lead.

But sometimes, finding the right example is not an easy task, especially for “blind people” who have never faced explainer videos before and have zero experience in it. You may need some assistance in the form of video examples before you start working on your first video.

If you have already know how to write an explainer video script and looking for inspiration, this article will show the best explainer videos for start-ups that we find impressive and deserving your attention.

startup explainer video

1. Xangle Explainer Video

A startup explainer video is a great way to show off a product or service engagingly professionally explains for viewers. Whatever they are small business owners, big brands, like Facebook, or technology companies – explainer videos do a great job. 

Our explainer video production company knows how to get their audience’s attention with a visually stimulating startup video using an entire story, a little bit of humor, motion graphics, animation, sweet colors, voiceover, music that will make potential customers want to watch the video more. 

Xangle explainer video speaks about it:

If you want to find interesting knowledge of cryptocurrency, you would be shocked to know how immature is this field. The cost of fighting with fake news executes companies to turn their resources and takes them away from their goals. Xangle helps those people. 

Xangle is a perfect example of a disclosure platform where the companies share their most advanced updates. So, investors can easily find them. It is the investor partner in the world.

It also comes with a profile page for crypto projects to highlight the key factors of the solution, total finance, statistics, and other things an investor needs. The profile page serves as a reliable resume all around the world due to its simplicity and efficiency. Also, it provides the research reports, market trends and updates, and credibility ratings. 

2. Hask Video Explainer

Building habits requires persistence, and persistence requires restraint over time. This is exactly what Hask gives you. Hask is the best life planning companion app.

Hask demands setting up your habit as a task and keep moving from task to habit and then next task to next habit during the day. It also allows you to create and group all your goals and then adjust them even more efficiently. Allow the notifications so that you may never miss any timeline in your daily cycle again.

Also, track statistics to see the progress of what you have done in the daily timeline through one convenient calendar to ensure that you are on the right track. Watch the entire video here:

3. Toggl Animated Explainer Video

As we know, that business in the world is changing, and this is the digital era driven by data. Now software tools help businesses work better. Toggl track allows the teams to see where everyone’s time goes. Teams from 160 countries use this app. It is a simple and powerful time tracker that helps you learn how much your time is meriting.

The message in this video is clear for the viewer – you can start using it on a website, as well as a mobile app for free. You can also organize the time entries with projects, assign the clients billable rates, gain fame, and immediately shareable reporting.

And you can also be a viewer of your profitability easily, rebalance workloads to stay on the path so that no one may get astonished, and your every client may get happy without humor. The primary purpose is that this tracker wants to help the team to work better whatever they are.

4. Startup Explainer Video for Coordinate HQ

As a business, you want to provide the best customer experience possible, but it’s hard to do this if your customers don’t know what they want.

Sometimes, customers know that the company is falling short. But still, they get surprised by the positive turns and saving the key accounts.

A great example is an animated video for Coordinate HQ. It gives users an easy way to create and share their vision of success so that everyone can work towards achieving it. Coordinate helps you to make customers for life. The tool also creates opportunities for collaboration between teams and departments within the organization by seeing how their efforts contribute to achieving shared goals.

This helps reduce friction in communication, cut down on miscommunication, and save time on unnecessary meetings. The playbooks on the Coordinate helps to compute the practices across the customers. By aligning everyone around common goals, you’ll improve your company culture while increasing efficiency at all levels of your business!

A robust set of features makes it easier than ever before for anyone in any team or department across the company (even remote workers) to collaborate around shared goals without having face-to-face meetings or phone calls every week!

5. IFS Explainer Video

It’s a pain to be in the middle of work, and suddenly, your equipment stops working. You can’t afford to stop production because you need that machine or tool fixed right away. 

IFS offers a quick service that quickly gets your machine up and running, so you don’t have any downtime while waiting for repairs to complete!

IFS provides on-site service for all makes and types of industrial machinery and equipment. The experts will provide fast, reliable solutions using only the highest quality parts available on the market today. 

After being contacted, the team will come over promptly, diagnose the problem with minimal disruption, and then fix it right away! They offer the service seven days a week without any break, so we’re always available when you need them most! With 24/7 emergency services, you never have to worry about not having your tools up and running again as quickly as possible.

Summing Up

We hope you enjoyed our list of the five best startup animated videos, and you found a good example! 

In some cases, video is not the best medium to start. Simple animation on a white background placed on your website may be enough. Even without music. Of course, in case you’re a complex eCommerce platform, video is the best tool to use.

And again, to create a successful video, your visuals and talking message must be clear during the full video. 

If you’re looking for help explaining your business solution or product in an engaging way or making it stand out from most videos, we’re happy to talk with you. 

The Galera team specializes in creating a fantastic animated explainer video that will be highlighting the benefits of the product and explain the idea at the same time. 

Just let us know what example of startup explainer videos mentioned above you like the most, and it’ll be the perfect point to start your project!