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Homepage video – Top 12 ideas for conversion and branding

August 21, 2021

Video can be a powerful branding tool for your business or brand. It can also be an excellent conversion tool to increase website traffic and sales. The homepage video has been around for a while now, but many people don’t properly understand its importance. Just consider this: Data indicates that pages with video generate a staggering 1,200% more shares than pages with just text and images. That’s huge!

In this article, we explore some types of homepage videos that you should consider adding to your page:

Product Demo Videos

The “Show, Don’t Tell” rule especially applies to product sales pages. A one-minute product demonstration video is proven to be much more effective than a 5,000-word article, which most people will not read anyway. Humans are visual learners, and they want to see the features of your product in action, not hear you describe them.

By showcasing all of the features of your product in one place, potential customers can get a better idea of how the product will fit into their daily lives. Marketing simply provides a solution to a problem, and demo videos accomplish that effectively because the answer is right in front of the viewer’s eyes.

Here is an example of a product demo video created by Galera for the WB Translator home page:

Now you may be wondering, “But what if I provide a service, not a product?”

The answer here is to provide a process overview video outlining the process of working with you from start to finish. Many people are nervous when getting started with a services-based business (like a lawyer), and these types of videos are invaluable in reassuring them. In addition, knowing how your process works upfront makes the potential customer more likely to go through with the sale.

Upsell Videos

Up-selling is a sales technique used to encourage buyers to purchase more expensive items, upgrades, or related products. An upsell video helps showcase what additional benefits they’ll receive if they purchase the upgraded product.

For example, let’s say you are an e-commerce website builder helping businesses create online shops without code, and a user is looking at purchasing your $9.99 starter plan. Your home page video could be a quick 2-minute product demo clip of someone using your builder in action.

The upsell would then take them to another video page (which is much more likely to be viewed) where they could see the benefits of purchasing the $19,99 business plan that contains 100+ premium blocks, API integrations, etc. This second video would highlight how much benefits your business plan will perform while explaining all of the features that come with them.

Cultural Awareness Videos

Incorporate cultural awareness into your videos by making them part of your homepage video. Many users are looking for products and services to help them fit in with a particular culture or lifestyle, so using cultural awareness videos as lead-in content can increase conversion rates significantly. 

About Us Videos

Make your About Us page more interesting by adding an introductory video. This is the first page most people see when they visit your website; what better way to make them stick around than with a quick video greeting? Let people know who you are immediately, and let the personality of your company shine through.

“Why Use Our Service” Videos

Why use your service? Show it with a short video. Let people know what they’ll get and why you are the best at providing such value. Answer your customer’s questions before they even ask them. Showcase your success cases, and show how you helped people just like them.

Company Culture Videos

People want to work with other people, not faceless corporations. By showcasing your company culture, employees, and work environment in your company video, you can increase the potential trust customers have for you. Let them know that this is a great place to work, and most importantly, let it show that your products or services match your company culture.

Customer Testimonial Videos

Video testimonials are an excellent way to add trust and credibility to your website. It is even better if the video creator is talking about something specific that can relate to other people’s needs or goals, for example:

Interview Videos

If you are running a blog or doing industry research, it might help your content marketing efforts if you conduct interviews with leaders in your industry. Many people want to be interviewed for their expertise. This can be a great way to build relationships, generate traffic, drive awareness of your business/blog and ultimately generate sales leads.

Behind The Scenes Videos

People are interested in getting more from their money these days, and often service just isn’t enough. People want to know the story behind how that product was made and why it’s better than all the other similar products out there.

How-To Videos

How-to videos are popular for any number of topics, from how to create an account to how to set up API integration. Create a video that walks people through whatever problem they might have or whatever knowledge they are trying to obtain.

A vast array of topics can be covered in how-to videos, from complicated tasks to everyday things the user is facing while experiencing your product.

Story-Based Videos

Most people want more than just the boring facts or features of a service provider or product. What they really want is an emotional connection to your brand and to feel like they’ve known you for years. You can create this emotional connection by telling them a short story about yourself, how you got started doing what you’re doing, etc. This will show people that your business is real, alive, and vibrant and not just some faceless corporation trying to take their money away from them.

Compare And Contrast Videos

People need to know what sets you apart from your competition, and the easiest way to do that is with a short video. You can also create videos comparing different products or services offered by you and your competitors to have people make comparisons for themselves while hopefully promoting your company at the same time.

Final Thoughts on Homepage Videos

Having a video on your homepage is an excellent way to increase conversions and brand awareness for your company. You can also use videos as a tool to educate people about certain aspects of your business or help them solve a problem that they may have.

While you need to be aware that a vast audience will see the content in these videos, the content should be geared toward your ideal customers. Learning how to tailor what you say on your website to customer personas will help attract more leads and get them interested in the right way.

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