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Explainer video for e-commerce platform


Frontastic wanted an explainer video that explained their product and what it can do for their customers. As a company in a relatively booming yet new industry, they wanted to show how what they do is a game-changer for businesses and companies. The video needed to be streamlined and easy to understand, and attention-grabbing for tech-savvy developers to appreciate.


We turned Frontastic’s ideas and visual boards into a 1:57 animated explainer video that clearly and concisely communicated their platform and product to their ideal client.


Frontastic’s explainer video is featured on their website, and they anticipate an increase in qualified leads generated from the website. They also expect to use snippets from the video on social media and plan to use the video in internal decks and presentations.

The Client

Frontastic is a frontend-driven commerce platform that enables business and development teams to build and optimize websites and apps in a headless environment. They are ideal for fast-growing brands and commerce concepts that need the complexity of web building stripped away and instead are given a platform based on customizable building blocks for websites and mobile applications, making the process more streamlined.

The Frontastic platform combines API orchestration, workflows, and frontend delivery that helps its clients build and deliver engaging, optimized websites and web apps without the headache of complex frontend development.

Frontastic’s target clients are tech-savvy CTOs and developers who are not impressed by flashy marketing materials but instead want concise and efficient communication about how a product will meet their needs and exactly how it will deliver on that promise. These clients are looking to move away from monolith commerce and lookin

The Challenge

As Frontastic’s primary clients are tech-savvy developers who need information delivered quickly and efficiently without gimmicks and flashy marketing ploys, the video needed to be engaging and informative to catch the eyes of these key clients with professional and tech-forward information.

Frontastic provided a mood board with their desired aesthetic, which included colors and graphics that communicated their branding and end goal. They also provided aesthetic concepts they wanted to avoid in their animated explainer video.

They tasked Galera with the production stages of illustration and visual design, motion graphics, sound, and voiceover postproduction.

The Solution

The first stage was establishing a brief where all context for the video was provided. Frontastic had a script, voice-over, and visual ideas that best represented their concept and branding, but wanted Galera to take it to the next level and better incorporate their branding and visual ideas.

We worked closely with them through visual feedback, so that the creative teams could collaborate on the details.

After that, Galera delivered a storyboard where ideas and details were fine-tuned and adjusted, taking feedback and input from the Frontastic team. Snippets of the animation work were sent routinely for feedback so that Frontastic could get the feel and look for the flow of animation as the process was evolving. When the animation was complete, voice-over and music production were added and finalized.

Communication throughout the whole process was key for success, and Frontastic appreciated the remote and async first approach to communication. Collaboration was key to getting the ideal product created, and communication from decisions to updates was achieved directly through email.

Frontastic said of Galera, “Their creativity and mastery of their craft provided us a visual and motion language that complemented other elements of our brand, which we know would be challenging. The agency was fast to respond, always suggesting improvements from their area of expertise, considered our feedback, and understood how important it was for us that our brand was always consistent.”

The Impact

The 1:57 animated explainer video is featured on Frontastic’s website. Frontastic anticipates increased qualified leads generated from the website due to the video’s attention-grabbing motion graphics and high-quality audio. They expect to use snippets from the video on social media and plan to use the video in internal decks and presentations.

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