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Attention-Grabbing Video Animations – Top 6 Video Hook Examples for Explainer Videos

August 30, 2021

Attention-grabbing videos are one of the most effective ways to get your content seen. With the right video hooks, you can get a viewer locked within the first three seconds of a video.

But you only have 8-10 seconds to snag the eye and convince viewers to stick around for your content. With the average attention span short and shrinking, visual content must immediately grab and capture the audience’s attention.

Make your content stand out with these simple yet effective video hook examples.


Top 6 Video Hook Examples


Cover Images

The thumbnail of a video is the first thing that your audience will see. It will either cause them to scroll by or click on your video. Use an image that gives a quick snapshot of the video’s content that is bold, honest, and clear.

With Canva, you can create customized thumbnails. You can also headlines that add clickable value. Making your own thumbnail makes your content stand out rather than relying on auto-generated thumbnails. Taking this extra step in editing and presentation can make the difference in whether someone clicks on your content or scrolls on by.

Compelling Titles

Viewers need to know exactly what to expect with your video. The title should be clear and concise, and yet creative.

  • Clear: give them the relevant information upfront, so the viewer knows immediately what the content will deliver.
  • Concise: keep it short and simple with vital information relevant to the video and the content.
  • Creative: with millions of videos, your video must spark the interest of the audience. Draw the viewer in with clever wording and creative phrasing that elicits a response.

By using relevant and valuable keywords in video titles, your content is more easily searchable. And it is more likely to reach your target audience. Keywords help your ranking in search engines and move your video higher in search results. Research valuable keywords that will help you get seen by both viewers and search engines.

Note: avoid clickbait – those pesky images or titles that do not truly sum up or represent a video. Though shocking or extreme thumbnails and titles may gain a few extra views in the short term, it does not build confidence that the content creator can deliver quality and valuable content that is trustworthy to deliver what is promised.

Be Unexpected

With content everywhere on the internet, your audience wants to see something that is unique and unexpected. Give your audience a reason to start watching and stay watching by separating yourself from the competition and the things that your audience has already seen and is bored of.

Surprise the audience with creative effects that give your video a dynamic appeal. Using shock or startle tactics will grab their attention. Creative effects that are subtle also draw attention and keep views engaged, like filters, moving items, or text. This video hook is most effective in the first three seconds of a video when the viewer is still in the decision phase.

Knowing your brand, tone, and style is crucial. Knowing who you are and who your audience is will help you deliver clickable and shareable content. Knowing your audience is critical for making content they will engage with. Hone your video to match their preferences and expectations (and objections) so that you can establish your content as credible and authoritative.

Look Good

There are a few ways to look good:

  • Quality video is vital to sustaining interest. Poor visual quality, bad audio, or low resolutions that do not function properly will cause viewers to lose interest.
  • Present the best possible version of yourself, your brand, voice, style, and content. Visual content is about appealing to the eye and creating a response. Make sure your content is appealing as it illustrates the story you are telling and the problem you are solving.
  • Consistent branding, style, and tone are crucial to building relationships with your viewers and gaining your audience’s confidence. If they know what to expect from your branding, they will be more likely to engage with your content.

Use text

85% of users watch videos with the sound muted. You must be able to attract your audience and inform them without relying on audio. Your visuals must impress, engage and inform. By having text a part of your video, especially in the first three seconds of a video, your audience will know what to expect and be more likely to continue watching.

This video hook example can be done with text that is a part of your visual content. Add bold, bright text that stands out from the video that is separate from the closed captioning that many viewers use, like lists or bold points. You can also use kinetic text that draws the eye, keeps attention, and keeps your viewer engaged.

Clear Call to Action

Your audience has to know that there is a problem that needs to be solved. Make the problem relatable and your solution unrivaled. After you have their attention, you need to call them to clear and concise action through your product or service.

Call your audience to engage and interact with your content and brand. This can be through encouraging them to follow your account, click on a website, watch more videos or content, share your content, or even follow through with purchase options of your services or product.


No matter how valuable or essential your content or information that you are offering is if it does not capture your audience’s attention in the first 3 seconds of a video if it does not engage their interest and does not generate a response, your content is going to be ignored in the mass amount of information that is on the web.

Taking the time to create and craft quality attention-grabbing videos is vital to getting your message and brand seen and heard by your audience.

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