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Character development

It is the right way to help Brand consumers in creating an emotional connection with its values, fundamentals and deliver the main message to theirs.

Character development


Boost Your Brand

Character will bring tremendous returns to your business. With the right marketing techniques, you can make your brand more personable, interesting, and ultimately, successful.

Influence People

Сharacters are so effective in capturing people’s hearts and emotions. They will assure them that they’re dealing with something familiar and reliable, the faces that lend faceless businesses a personality.

Promote Your Product

When people see your Character on an ongoing basis, they become more in demand to put your business at stake. Come order time, your Product will be the first they think of.


Stage 1: Sketch

At first, we develop the concept of Character. After this, our Illustrators move to work on the elaborate drawing which will become the basis of the digital illustration.

Stage 2: Design

After setting up the composition and appearance, we move on to the choice of the color palette which matches brand identity. Determined the style of a Character, Illustrators draw the Character digitally in several key poses. We pay a lot of attention to detail, cause it’s the most important thing is to make the Character look more alive in the result.

Stage 3: Rigging

At this stage, the Animators turn a static Сharacter into a moving Сharacter using rigging scripts:
Duik, Rubber Hose and Joysticks ‘n Sliders. It takes a great deal of effort to make the movements as close to human as possible.


Finally, we get a live Сharacter, with special gestures and facial expressions. It’s a kind of magic ✨

How It Looks